Aall about Kevin Pryce and Lime Design
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Kevin Pryce

Hello. My name is Kevin. I am your developer.

I was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and moved to Saskatoon in 2003. I have been interested and fascinated with web site design ever since high school. I started making mock pages as a hobby and have been learning more and teaching myself ever since.

This is the first iteration of my website on the world wide web. I plan on making frequent updates, so check back often. I am completely self taught, and learn more the longer I do this. My goal is to create unique, modern, clean websites for business owners and communities. I believe in having a clean and clutter-free page, making it easy to navigate, even for the most basic of internet users.

Please have a look at my portfolio; and browse through past and current projects. Use it to draw inspiration and help you decide what type of website you are looking for. Clicking on the company logo will take you directly to their site.

I love to design websites. That's the reason I started this site. I want to help business owners, and project managers, and independent artists produce a website without paying ridiculous rates. I am also a business owner and I realize the ever increasing price of doing business. I do it because I love it and although I have some fees, they are very reasonable.

I do this because I enjoy it.
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Design vs Development

Website design is the creative process of planning and arranging content onto a palette to present information in an artistic way.

Although this is important, web development is so much more. Web development turns that artistic display into an interactive environment by using tools that engage the viewer, such as forms, animations, blogs, custom user-interface's, dynamic banners, shopping carts, and more.

Web development takes the boring out of a website.
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No Flash Inside

All my projects are made 100% Flash free. Since iOS devices are incapable of viewing Flash, and Android isn't very good at it, I do not use flash so that your content is accessible to everyone.

Read "Thoughts On Flash" by Steve Jobs
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Mac OS X

My exclusive developing environment occurs in the Mac Operating system . I am a humongous Apple fan. I follow Apple Inc. very closely, staying up to date on their latest news, learning about new products, and following the numbers and ratings they produce.

My artillery is fully complete with 24" iMac, 13" Macbook Air portable, iPhone 3GS & 4S, iPad, and different variations of applicable software.

I believe in supporting software developers. I will happily pay for an application. A lot of hard work goes into designing and developing software. If we don't support content creation, developers will stop making it.
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If you want a website, but don't know what you are looking for, browse through the PORTFOLIO section. Use it to see how I work and to draw inspiration for your website.

Clicking on the screenshot will direct you to a live version of the website.
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